Tips and Resources for Filing Form One

//Tips and Resources for Filing Form One

To accomplish FCC Registration and ETRS Form One, affiliates will need:

1) Internet access: To perform FM or AM Query for their stations(s): Provides Facility ID, FRN (Through Links and Maps), Latitude/Longitude in decimal format (Technical Data)
2) Copy of their specific State EAS Plan (Online or hardcopy)
3) Current FCC Registration Number (FRN) and password for each location (station). The FRN is available online when one does an AM or FM Query for a station’s Call Letters, i.e., WCCC-LP. If one used an attorney or representation when one applied for a license, that attorney/representative would’ve set up a password for each FRN and would be obliged to provide it to the licensee for ETRS purposes. Some attorney’s are willing to work with licensees on the ETRS requirements at reduced hourly rates.
4) A new FCC registration username (email) and password which can be associated with each FRN licensed to the licensee. (See instructional videos below.)
The first thing to do is watch the instructional videos: Click on and then click on ETRS Instructional Video Tab/Button. Watch the following:
1) Registrant Information – Teaches you how to get an FCC registration (CORES): username (email) and password and associating it with your FCC Registration Numbers (FRNs)
2) Completing ETRS Form One
Next, Apply for FCC registration username (email) and password. Associate it with each FRN licensed to licensee. This will be used to begin the ETRS Form One process.
Next, use ETRS Worksheet to accumulate required information which will be needed to fill out online form.
Finally, Log into ETRS Reporting System and follow instructions to fill out online Form One.
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