Third Party Fundraising

//Third Party Fundraising

As of November 13, 2017, the paperwork requirements regarding fundraising on-air for third parties are in effect.    Non-commercial radio stations (who do not receive CPB money) can now devote 1% of their annual air time (about 88 hours)  to fundraising for other non-profits by interrupting regular programming. Some Catholic stations are already planning to take advantage of these changes. Here are some examples:  fundraising for other Catholic stations (such as an LPFM in the vicinity), assisting the Bishop with an annual appeal, and assisting local pro-life causes. In the event that a station does engage in fundraising for a third party, here’s what you’ll need to know:

An on air announcement must be made at the beginning and end and at least every hour indicating that an appeal is underway and for whom.

Information on the campaign must be added to the station’s public file on a quarterly basis including:

  • dates and times
  • the name of the non-profit (include tax id)
  • any relevant details regarding what the money was raised for (cause or project)
  • the total amount of funds raised (to the nearest $10,000),
  • and the extent to which the station assisted in tallying or receiving funds.

More information may be found in the Federal Register.

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