Human Resources Webinar

/Human Resources Webinar

Smart Hires, Smart Fires with Kate Sell

Access the   Webinar Slides  here and listen to the audio content:

Why an HR Webinar?

Many Catholic radio stations are run by boards, executive directors, and general managers who may lack extensive non-profit management experience. Navigating human resource issues, therefore, is often time consuming, burdensome….and exhausting. This webinar is designed to help station leadership understand best practices, common issues, and pitfalls of HR management common in most non-profits, particularly in Catholic radio. This session is designed for radio station leadership (board members and staff) who are responsible for the hiring and management of station staff to gain a better understanding of overall HR processes, procedures, and norms of HR.

About Kate

Founder of KLS Strategies, LLC, and Senior Partner of the Kennedy Brownrigg Group, Kate Sell is a strategic planning, development, and communications professional with more than fifteen years experience in business, media, and nonprofit consulting. Having worked with dioceses, parishes, advertising agencies, public relations firms, school districts, community organizations, Catholic non-profits, and small businesses, Kate has experience in dealing with growth, development, and marketing in both the public and private sectors.


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