New FM Translators for AM Stations

//New FM Translators for AM Stations

FCC Sets Auction Filing Window for New FM Translators of AM Stations: July 26

Only One Week Remaining!  Online Tutorial now Available
The Federal Communications Commission has announced the opening of the first filing window for AM broadcasters to obtain new FM translators. Applications must be submitted between midnight on July 26 and 6pm August 2, EDT.
Here are some important things to know:
  • This current window pertains only to Class C & D stations
  • Stations must NOT have previously applied during the 2016 translator aquisition windows
  • Non-commercial stations must choose to either participate as a non-commercial station or elect to participate as commercial
  • If a non-comm is MX (mutually exclusive) with a commercial station, the bid will automatically be awarded to the commercial station
  • If the non-comm does participate as commercial, that station will have the opportunity to bid in the auction in an MX situation
  • If a channel on the reserved band is proposed, the application will automatically be dismissed
 You can access the full tutorial here.
This particular window is a unique opportunity for AM stations to broadcast over the FM dial at considerably less cost as compared to aquiring an existing translator.
If you are operating a class C or D AM station which is eligible to participate, contact the CRA today to make an appointment with engineer, Ed McDade for a free preliminary evaluation of open channels in your area. A full engineering report, at the association discounted rate, may need to be completed before filing.
And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our office.


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