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Member Services

Our goal is simply to help you accomplish your mission of evangelization through Catholic radio.  To do this, we offer a broad base of services designed to support you and your apostolate.

Library of Resources

We’ve compiled a vast library of resources – information, Power Points, templates, videos and other material all designed to help you in every area of your apostolate:

  • FCC, engineering and legal – navigating governmental hoops and abiding by all FCC regulations
  • Apostolate operations – HR, software systems and other practices and resources to help your office run smoothly
  • Fundraising and development – both basic skills and advanced approaches
  • Awareness – working with your diocese, parishes and other groups to further your mission
  • Board development – cultivating and working with a strong board
  • Marketing – brand development, advertising and using multiple platforms to get the word out about your station


Despite radio’s effectiveness in evangelizing, it often gets overlooked in the mix of communication efforts at the USCCB and diocesan level. The CRA is creating a marketing campaign and working with the Church to build up the brand of Catholic radio and ensure Catholic radio has a seat at the Church’s table of evangelization.

Preferred Providers

At the Catholic Radio Association, we prefer to use certain Providers over others – for reasons both economical and idealogical. We like to use providers who share the same views and goals as we do – to educate the world in Catholicism and show people the word of God. As a result of that, these are the providers we recommend you to use.

CRA Discounts

Automaton Training –

  • In 2017, CRA hosted Automation Training Sessions in Simian, Rivendell and ZaraRadio. The Simian class was led by Marissa Hornbuckle  of Mystical Rose Media.  For more information or to schedule a consultation at your apostolate, contact Marissa.  For information or training on Rivendell, visit the Paravel Systems website or contact Fred Gleason. For information or training on ZaraRadio, visit the ZaraStudio website or contact Ed McDade.

Station acquisition assistance –

  • At the member’s request, the Association will help members to locate, evaluate and negotiate a station in their market. The Association has contacts developed with radio station brokers to quickly find stations that are for sale and can also members to locate and negotiate a station acquisition directly with the owner.

Information exchange/Resource sharing –

  • The Association hosts the Catholic Radio Association group on Linkedin where members can ask questions and share pertinent news and ideas relevant to Catholic broadcasting.

Regulatory –

  • The Association advocates on behalf of Catholic radio before the Federal Communications Commission, music licensing organizations and the Copyright Royalty Board and the Congress in order to help ensure the rights of Catholic broadcasters are not overlooked and so laws are enacted which benefit the use of radio as an effective instrument of evangelization.

Engineering/technical –

  • The Association provides referrals to qualified AM and FM engineering services to evaluate stations for purchase, apply for new stations and upgrade existing ones. CRA has negotiated a discount for our members with Cindy Cavell of Cavell Mertz & Associates and Ed McDade of BlueRidge Consulting, Inc. More information is available on our Recommended Engineers page.  Additionally, CRA can provide cursory evaluation of population coverage to its members for free. Contact us for a referral for your project.

Legal –

  • The Association has developed relationships with attorneys practiced in FCC law and contractual work who offer their services to the members at significantly reduced rates.