January Window for Translators for ALL AM Stations

//January Window for Translators for ALL AM Stations

Filing Window: January 25-31

The FCC has recently announced a filing window for ALL classes of AM stations (those that are not explicitly excluded; more below), to acquire an open channel for a cross-service translator.  This will be the last opportunity during these AM revitalization efforts for your AM station to acquire a NEW translator.  As many CRA members already know, purchasing or leasing an existing translator is generally very difficult and cost prohibitive. Please don’t miss this opportunity to possibly bring your station’s programming to the FM dial where listeners may be reached more easily and effectively.

AM stations which may not apply during this window include:

  • Those stations who applied during the 2016 translator modification window
  • Those class C & D stations who applied in the 2017 new translator window

Some other things to note about this window include:

  • Channels applied for must not include the reserved band (88.1-91.9); these will be automatically dismissed
  • Rules for the translator’s location were relaxed in 2016 and those relaxed rules will apply to the siting of any translators acquired in this window [within the greater of either the 2 mV/m daytime contour of the AM station or a 25-mile (40 km) radius centered at the AM transmitter site]
  • Applicants may be either a licensee or a permittee

On January 10, an interactive online tutorial will be available at www.fcc.gov/auction/100

To obtain more information on what specifically may be possible at your station, contact us to set up a consultation with a CRA association sponsored engineer.

The complete Public Notice is available here.

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