Doug Sherman Announces Retirement

//Doug Sherman Announces Retirement

Reprinted courtesy of Mike Dorner, Catholic Radio Update #875—Doug Sherman, founder and president of the old Immaculate Heart Radio, which began with a small daytimer in Reno, Nevada, has announced his retirement from IHR. At age seventy, Mr Sherman says it is time to turn over operations to younger people after having completed the merger of IHR with Relevant Radio. He plans to spend his remaining years with his “incredible wife of 50 years, and a beautiful, loving and active family and 11 grandchildren.”

Mr Sherman was a member of the board of a new school, St Thomas Aquinas School, in Tahoe City*, founded by parents who wanted their children to get a sound Catholic education.

He realized after that accomplishment that it was necessary to reach the vast numbers of adult Catholics who knew little or nothing about their faith. He founded Immaculate Heart Radio and bought a Reno station, which he called KIHM, a small daytimer, and began running Mother Angelica’s new EWTN Radio Network over it. Later, he would buy a better Reno AM station and sell off the old one.

After that, the opportunity came up to buy an AM station in Sacramento and its expanded band signal, KSMH. Heritage KWG Stockton followed, and with time over the next twenty years IHR Radio grew to its present 21 full-power AM and FM stations and 11translators. In recent years, IHR began an online Catholic music streaming service

Mr Sherman attributes the success to the Blessed Mother: “The real Heart of Immaculate Heart Radio has been Our Lady, with her incredible graces and protection and support, opening doors where we least expected them, or sending just the right person we didn’t even know we needed.”

Doug Sherman attributes the success of Immaculate Heart Radio, too, to his wife. “We wouldn’t have come this far, or maybe even gotten started, if it hadn’t been for Janet and her great faith and dedication,” he wrote IHR staff. “At one point we called her the heart of Immaculate Heart Radio and that is still very true.”

KIHM Reno was the fifteenth new Catholic station to come on the air since KNOM Nome inaugurated the new phase of Catholic radio growth, the eighth Catholic radio station to be founded by laity, and the second station to be developed under the inspiration of Mother Angelica and her new radio network.

*Corrected as requested by Mr. Sherman. The original publication stated Reno as the location of the school.

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